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Last night went well.  She is quiet.. slept well.. and has already been using the bathroom outside.. of course now never wants to come in! 


Leave it to Florida to give me the coolest week to adopt a new puppy🤣🤣🤣



Thank you for making our family so full!! we just couldnt be happier with him!!! Truly!!!8/21

Gracie pup.jpeg

Hi, we got yellow male from Gracie's litter (F1B). He is 47.8 lbs (4 months old), and we're thinking he will be huge!!   He doesn't shed and he has wonderfully low-maintenance fur that doesn't mat. He has beautiful black spots. He is very smart, kind to our cats and loved by our whole family. Thanks again


Hazel- 13months old. 27in at shoulder, 37" top of head, 100+ pounds. Big love bug. Really smart. ~Lisa.        4/28/19

Captain and Colas Siblings from different litters.

He is so perfect!!!! He came home and was shy at first, but now he's playful and sooooo loving!!! Loves belly rubs lol


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