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Q: How do I get on waiting list and what’s the process?

A: It is a $100 non refundable deposit that never expires and can go towards any litter. Once a litter is born we go down our list in order of deposit received. You will have 24 hrs to confirm if you want a puppy from the litter. You have until puppy is 6wks old to pick one. We have a contract that is signed when you choose your puppy.


Q: How many people are on list and what number am I?

A: The list is always changing! I have seen someone go from 10th pick to 1st pick. Sometimes timing is not good and a family skips. Sometimes families don’t see a color they want. Sometimes families found another dog.  I also don’t know how many puppies each Dam will have. By 2021 we will be having about 8-10 litters a year so there will be plenty of puppies for everyone. The sooner the better to get on the list so you can get a higher pick.  




Q: How long do I have to pick my puppy?? 

A: You will have up to 6 wks or by puppy open house to choose your puppy. We try hard to send to videos/pictures every week.  We work hard to help find the right puppy for you. 


Q: How will I know the personality of a puppy I haven’t met?

A: Believe it or not these puppies are very very similar. They are bred well. They are exactly what a Newfypoo should be. Calm, sweet, loving, chill, and smart!


Q:  What’s the cost to deliver my puppy?? 

A: We love taking puppy’s on road trips. It is a lot of work too. We stop often and keep puppies on our laps. We have a large 12 passenger van and tow a trailer to sleep in.  We do not know the exact cost of delivering the puppy until we know how many puppys we’re taking etc. It will be between $150-$500. 


Q: Can I come to visit and meet your Dogs? 

A: We host a puppy choosing party when puppies are 6wks old. This is for families on waiting list that have confirmed they are getting a puppy. This is the only time we have families come. We have a very busy schedule and can’t accommodate other visits to our farm.  Our adult dogs can also be protective of our family and there puppies when people come into our property. They have a few acres they play on all day and wonder who’s on THEIR property!! 


Q:  What do the puppies eat? 

A: Goat milk and Blue life protection formula Large breed Puppy 

Q: How big do they get?? 

A:  Each litter is  different. It is very hard to determine weights of mixed breeds. One dog could be 65lb and it’s brother 110lb. It’s not always about the size of the parents. It’s what’s in there genes and which genes are passed to each puppy.  


Q: Where are puppies raised at? 

A: We are currently building a very large air conditioned whelping room on our property. It will have a puppy play area and be a safe and clean area for the puppies to grow. 


Q: How do you socialize your puppies?

A: We have 8 people that live here and are obsessed with holding the,! They get lots of interactions with people, dogs, and an occasional daring cat. Sometimes they even get to see other farm animals! 


Q: Do you ever have any adult dogs available for Adoption?

A: Yes. This is a hard subject for us. But in order for us to keep making beautiful puppies we sometimes adopt out dogs from our breeding program. All the dogs we have our our personal family dogs. We never want to give any of them up. But we’ve learned it’s harder on us then it is on the dog. The dogs are thrilled to have new homes where they get extra spoiled. We are very careful about who gets these dogs. They come Spayed/Neutered and up to date on all vaccines. There’s a small adoption fee. Please inquire about upcoming availability. 

Q: What does our puppy come home with??

A:  Your puppy will have a Florida Health certificate, first round of shots, DNA health certificate, microchip and dewormed 3-4 times. We will send a blanket with moms scent and a small bag of food. 


Q: Do you train your puppies? 

A: When you have 15 ++ puppies we are not able to train. We have had lots of success with our puppies going home and families saying they are 90% trained. This is because they are smart and very trainable!!!! We do try to keep a area for potty and a area for play and start to crate train after 6 wks. We have introduced grass in the past but in Florida the grass area is a place for bugs and worms. Puppies are prone to getting. So we decided to mostly keep the puppies out of the grass area.  

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