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This is what the puppies are on. You will receive a bag


This is a information page for families that have CHOSEN their forever puppy!!

I will post pics and videos here of your puppy.

Final payment is due

Vet Visit is Feb 3. Puppy's will be health checked , first shots and stool sample.  Puppy's can go home if cleared that afternoon after 1pm and that weekend. Any puppies that you need us to keep after Sunday, Feb. 5. We will charge a daily fee. We encourage you to take your puppy that weekend for a better less stressful transition for them when all their litter mates are leaving.

Contact me with the estimated time you will be coming.

Olive and Gage Valentines Puppies

Welcome Dove to the Perez Family, FL


Welcome Romeo to the Love Family (FL)


Welcome Juliet to Saylor Family!!  FL


Welcome Rose to the Waddell Family,  IA

Heading 1

Welcome Ruby to the Mo Family!!! FL

Welcome Diamond, to the Charles Family. FL

Valentino, welcome to the Mango Family! FL

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